San Francisco

Hey everyone! I have been super busy doing a ton of things lately so I wanted to keep you involved and let you know what I’ve been up to! I’ve recently been mainly going to school but I just started working with two local modeling agencies, Cast Images Talent Agency and Exalt Modeling Agencies. I love working with them and I have a few test shoots coming up with them soon so those shots will be up soon!

But on a random note I really wanted to get out of suburbia a few weeks ago so my parents and I went to San Francisco for a few days. They did their own thing and I went off and explored the area and I was really inspired by the city around me and the hustle and bustle of the fast paced lifestyle that everyone lives there. I also met up with my friend Kyle Kruchok who is a part of a group I’m in called brotographers. But anyways we hung out and it was a good feeling to hang out with another photographer who has a huge love and drive in photography like I do. Here’s a few images from my trip and I’ll write again for you guys soon!


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